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För ett tag sedan hörde jag om en produkt som ska minska celluliter från ett märke som heter Adonia (ägda av Greek Island Labs). Jag tänkte att det säkert är animaliska ingredienser i deras produkter osv. MEN efter lite efterforskning och mejl (se hela mejldiskussionen längre ner!) så visar det sig att de varken testar på djur eller har animaliska ingredienser! Alla Greek Island Labs-kollektioner ska alltså vara veg-vänliga! Så här står det på deras FAQ om djurtest:

Är denna produkt testad på djur?

Nej, våra produkter testas under inga omständigheter aldrig på djur.

De har olika hudprodukter för rynkor, celluliter, brun utan sol, serum för att längre ögonfransar och mycket mer. Spännande! Produkter från Adonia-kollektionen går att köpa på deras svenska hemsida eller på Eleven.

Här är deras internationella sida.

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A while ago I heard about a product that would reduce cellulites from Adonia (owned by Greek Island Labs). I thought their products would contain animal ingredients etc. but I was a bit curious to check it out! Turns out that they don’t do any animal testing AND their products doesn’t contain any animal derived ingredients (see the whole mail discussion further down)! All the Greek Island Labs-collections are veg friendly! This is what’s written about animal testing on their homepage:

Are the products animal friendly?

Yes, our policy is NEVER to test any of our products on animals under any circumstances.

They have different products for the skin such as wrinkle reducing creme, cellulite reducing creme, bronzing, serum for longer eyelashes and much more. Exciting stuff! You can buy products from the Adonia collection on their Swedish homepage or on Eleven. Here‘s their international homepage if you don’t live in Sweden 🙂

Det här är diskussionen jag hade med dem via mejl/ This is the discussion I had with them on email:

July 6, 2012


I was just wondering if you’re 100% sure that the ingredients haven’t been tested on animals as well as the finished product? And also: Do you have a full ingrediens list for the Legtone Serum? Does it contain any animal byproducts?

Best regards,

Basma from Sweden

July 7, 2012

Dear Basma,

Thank you for your inquiry and there are absolutely no animal byproducts in our products. Also, there is no testing on animals at any time during our manufacturing process.  We stand firmly against any animal use.

Please let me know if there is anything additional I can assist you with.

To your beauty,

Customer Care

August 12, 2012

Thank you so much for your reply!

So all the products from Greek Island Labs have absolutely no animal byproducts (including beeswax)? Or is it just the Adonia Collection?
Really thankful for your reply!

Have a great day!
Best regards,

August 13, 2012

Not one of our products contains any sort of animal ingredient; nothing at all. We pride ourselves in this fact and also that our products are natural as well.

Please let me know if there is anything further I can assist you with.

To your beauty,

Customer Care

Väldigt snabba på att svara och hjälpsamma!

Really fast replies and they were also helpful!

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