Lime Crime (update: not vegan)

Lime Crime Scandal

Var ska man börja med den här skandalen? Eller ska jag säga skandalerna!? Lime Crime och grundaren Doe Deere har varit otrevliga mot kunder/bloggare, sysslat med cultural appropriation,  varit medvetna om att deras hemsida varit hackad i flera månader och inte gjort något åt detta direkt; kunders personliga information har alltså blivit stulen och kan användas till bl.a. identitetsstöld. Dessutom verkar det som att de ändrar ingredienslistor på hemsida och paket utefter smak och därmed inte går att lita på, det går inte att lita på om deras produkter är veganvänliga eller ej!

Se videon nedan som sammanfattar det mesta väldigt bra!

Läs gärna även den här tidslinjen om ni vill veta mer:



Where do I even begin with this scandal? Or should I say scandals!? Lime Crime and the founder Doe Deere have done some crazy things; being rude to customers/bloggers and cultural appropriation are some of those things. Lately they also dealt with their homepage being hacked – for several months without acting immediately; this means that customers’ personal information have been compromised and that can be used for identity theft amongst other things. On top of that they’ve been changing the ingredient lists on their products and homepage to their liking and can’t be trusted in that sense either; don’t trust that their products are vegan friendly!

Watch the youtube video above, it sums everything up pretty well!

If you’d like to know more, you can also read this timeline:



  • Jenny

    I once asked them on LC Instagram about their indegrients (that are they vegan or not), and LC blocked me! I was so shocked I went to Doe Deere’s Instagram and asked why did they do it, she blocked me too.

    • admin

      Wow, that’s just crazy! 🙁 … Maybe she/they should work with something that doesn’t involve customer service or ethical choices!

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